Not so adventrous

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The bland thoughts of a teenager.

I think its hard trying to find your actual style. If style even is a thing. I think it is, I would like to believe in style more than trends, but lately, I’ve found myself falling into so many trends I’m convinced I’m loosing my own personal identity. Although, my style hasn’t really changed since I created it at the young age of ten. It has always been the same, a cardigan, tanktop, skinny jeans, and a pair of flats- always refusing the heel option whenever appropriate. I have always loved a cardigan to cover my arms (I’ve never like the look of exposed arms) I always wear a button down that is two sizes too big, and I prefer a skirt and tights to jeans, anyday, any situation. I have always layered, I think this started at the ripe young age of seven. So maybe I do have my own style, and maybe right now fashion is deeming this style to be the trend. Whatever it is, I think through this post I’ve realized what I can narrow myself down to.

  1. A cardigan that is so over worn it should be disposed of
  2. A black skirt and tights, always
  3. A plain white tank or tshirt, either way they will be tucked in
  4. Baggy boyfriend jeans, because skinny jeans are awful
  5. Button ups from the men’s sale section
  6. Any type of flat shoe
  7. Terrible shorts, ones that look like diapers
  8. My mom’s belts from the eighties.  

As summer approaches I have an immense cloud of laziness over my whole being, and I think its because I know once school ends, I will suddenly have a desire to be productive. I’m excited for the summer and all the adventures that come with it.

Saturday I take the SAT and its somewhat terrifying because that determines most of my college qualifications. Am I even qualified for college? Surely I don’t feel mature enough; hell I’m still scared. I have too many expectations for myself but I associate those with instant failure, just to maintain some aspects of being humble.